The Fordingbridge Players look to promote good, high quality, LIVE entertainment, locally, for the people of Fordingbridge and its surrounding villages.

New Members

We are always keen to welcome new members!!  
Fordingbridge Players is run entirely by its members:
  • Directing
  • Acting
  • Stage Management
  • Technical
  • Front Of House
  • Publicity
  • Costume
  • Props
  • Set Design/Construction
  • Catering

Guidance is provided for all these responsibilities, and you will meet similarly enthusiastic people!

Return to Thrush Green - Review

"...Although this is a very cohesive joint venture between the actors from both groups of Players, there are a few absolutely stand out performances. Without ever stealing focus from the others, Jill Saunders nevertheless manages to steal every scene she’s in as “I don’t know why they call me” Dotty Harmer – her comic timing and physicality are hilarious, but she also shows a vulnerability in her character which is both enchanting and endearing. Nicki Salmond commands the stage with the authority she brings to haughty and precise Mrs Cleary, while bringing warmth and gentleness to her cameo appearance as primary school teacher Miss Dorothy Watson...
...Special mention and credit should go to Wendy Reid as, due to cast illness, she stepped in to read the part of Ella Bembridge’s housemate, Dimity Dean; it is quite a skill to portray a character convincingly whilst reading from a script, but Reid managed this with style, crystal clear dialogue delivered in an authentic manner and with a natural flow of accompanying movement..."

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Our eternal thanks to 1955Tim for producing this terrific video